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The roots of the today’s company ROSTĚNICE, a. s. date back to 1950, when in each of the neighboring village was at that time one agricultural production cooperative. Agricultural cooperatives were economic units founded under the state control predominantly for the purpose to secure agricultural (food) plans set by the state. The separate and individual cooperatives gradually merged into larger units and therefore in 1976 one complete agricultural unit was formed covering the land surface of 5.500 ha (approx. 13.500 acres). The cooperative was farming at this size until 1992, when the transformation of the estate and land property took place. In 1996 the cooperative was transformed to the joint stock company and successively took over agricultural units: the School farm in Vyškov, the Oseva Slavkov and in the year 2016 Agria a.s. Nižkovice in the area covering 2000 ha located. Currently ROSTĚNICE a.s. farms in the area covering 10.000 (appox. 25.000 acres) ha located in 24 villages.

Regarding the livestock production the company produces 1000 tons of pork and 2000 tons of poultry meat.

Next to the crops and livestock production the company runs two biogas stations with total output of 2 200 kW; the residual heat is used in the grain drying station and for the heating of adjacent farming and some residential buildings. The input mass is the corn silage, pig slurry and the waste manure from poultry production. The company runs also a small bakery.

10 000 ha

We farm on land in Vyškov district, spread over 24 cadastral territories.

70 000 tons

Production of crop production is stored in modern silos with a total capacity of 70,000 tons.

2 200 MWh

We run 2 biogas stations with an installed capacity of 2,200 MWh el. energy.

40 000 tons

Part of the group is ACHP Slavkov, a.s., which manufactures and sells fertilizers with an annual volume of 40,000 tons.